How To Find Who Viewed My Facebook Profile/Page Recently

who viewed my facebook profile

Everyone out there has an etching desire to know who viewed my Facebook profile. Right? I know I am absolutely right. Be it a man or woman, each and every one of us wants to know who is engrossed in viewing our Facebook profile.

And, what if I tell you that now you can keep a check on people who are visiting and viewing your Facebook profile without your permission. No, it is not a trap to get login details of your account to hack it or send advertisements.

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You can really know who viewed your facebook profile without even racking your brain. In this article, you will find some interesting ways to keep a check on the people who are viewing your profile without your knowledge.

Although, there are no proven methods or established tactics to find who is viewing your profile secretly, however you can get to know about this through some unofficial ways.

Here are some of the solutions for the problem which is enticing you from a long time, “who visited my Facebook profile recently”:

Here are 5 ways to know who viewed your facebook profile

1. Find with the Page Source:

You can find who looked at my facebook profile with some of the easy steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly go to your Facebook timeline i.e.
  • Press Control+U or right click on the page and click on “View Page Source” option.
  • The source page with lots of codes will toggle.
  • Search “InitialChatFriendsList” here by pressing Control+F5 and entering the text in the search bar.
  • You will see some numbers, these numbers represent the profile ID of person who has checked your profile recently.
  • Now, go to and shoot this ID number after “/”. For example, if the ID is XYZ, then enter
  • The first ID will be of the person who visits your profile many times and the last ID will be of the one who never visits your profile!

2. With Android Application:

Android users can easily find who visited their profile with android application. Download “Who Viewed My Facebook Profile” Android application from play store. Login your Facebook account through the application and Tap o44n Facebook button for logging in.The app will ask for certain permission after you will login your Facebook account. Click on allow to give permissions to app. After a bit of processing, you will see a list names who viewed your Facebook profile.

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3. Using Social Fans App for iPhone:

iPhone users can download the app called Social Fans on their iOS device to learn who is secretly checking their Facebook profile. This app is free and it allows you to control your social app without any hassle. Social Fans not only provide you detailed analysis of your Facebook application but also help you to keep a check on your other social media accounts.

4. Using Chrome Extension:

You can track visitors on your Facebook account with chrome extension called Profile visitors for Facebook. The only limitation of this extension is that provide the results of only those visitors who have extension already added to their chrome browser.

For checking Facebook visitors with chrome extension, you need to:

  1. Download Profile Visitors for Facebook in your Google chrome.
  2. Now login your Facebook account in the chrome
  3. On the top blue bar of your Facebook page, you will notice an extra “visitors” tab next to the “home”.
  4. Click on it to see who is viewing your Facebook profile without your notice. But, as mentioned above this result will only contain the name of the persons who have this extension already present in their chrome.

5. Using Google Analytics for facebook page

Here are some steps that help you to learn who visited your Facebook profile with the help of Google Analytics:

  • Create a Google Analytics account: With Google Analytics account you can examine the traffic you are getting to your Facebook account and also provides you information who visited your Facebook profile.
  • Add your Facebook page as property to Analytics account: Create a new property in Google Analytics, then create a new web property, enter information time zone, industry etc. and get a tracking code after finishing up.
  • Get Javascript code to track numbers: Go to tracking info by clicking on Property Settings. Enable tracking options and copy the tracking code you will find in tracking id option.
  • Paste code to Application page: Convert Javascript into HTML using free Javascript converter. After this, add HTML box application to your page. There are several applications available, choose the one with good ratings and review. Paste the HTML code and click on confirm button to approve the code.

This is by far the best method for organizations and professionals to keep a track on visitors of their Facebook page.

So, this is all for today. I hope the article will be useful for you. For more such tech related articles, stay tuned!


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