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whatsapp plus

WhatsApp Plus is a little modified version of the original WhatsApp app which is created by Rafalete, a Spanish developer in 2012. The app is free and has a blue icon.

The app is very simple and works very well. This app has some changed features in the user interface with added functionalities but uses the similar protocol and license like original app. The modified app has many advantages over the original App in many ways like removing limitations and added features.

How Does Whatsapp Plus App Work?

People used to use WhatsApp may not have any trouble using this modified version. The app is almost identical to original App except for the installation and downloading process. The modified version is not available for download in the play store but can be downloaded from the third party sites.

After downloading and installation of Whatsapp plus the process is just same as the original application like signing up with a phone number and adding details. After installation, the user is allowed to chat with friends and contacts, share voice messages and file as a user can do with the normal application.

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After using it for some time, the user will be able to discover all the particularities and possibilities this app offers like customization of functions including visual aspect, contacts, privacy, file sending, etc. The options can be found in the settings where different menus will be available. It can be general settings or specific settings.

For working on the application, the user has first to uninstall the original WhatsApp otherwise it will be impossible to use or even install. For using this amazing messaging and chat app and discovering all interesting features the user has to remove the original application.

How To Download And Use Whatsapp Plus APK?

  • The app can’t be downloaded from Google play store, but it is available for download in the official website and many other links provided by different sites.
  • The first step is to click on the link after which the downloading of the whatsapp plus apk will automatically begin.
  • After the download, the user has to scroll down the navigation bar to select the downloaded file.
  • After that, a dialogue box will appear asking the user to install the application on the device.
  • Before installing the user has to make sure of two things:
  1. The user has first to remove the original application otherwise the app won’t install.
  2. And second, in some cases, the user has to activate the “allow unknown sources” option which can be accessed by going to menu> settings> unknown sources. The user has to on the switch beside the unknown sources option. By doing this, the device is allowed to install applications from unknown sources other than from google play store.
  • After installation, the whatsapp-plus icon will appear on the menu. The user can start using it by tapping on it.
  • On the first step after opening the application, the user has to agree to terms and conditions provided by the developer.
  • Secondly, the user has to provide the phone number to sign up.
  • After that, an OTP will be sent to the user’s phone by the app to verify if it’s a correct number or not.
  • After verification, the app will ask the user if the user wants to back up old messages, chats, and media. It only appears if the user would have done a chat back up. The backup can some time as it downloads everything.
  • After that, the user will be asked to add details like name, photo, bio, and status.
  • The initialization process is now complete, and the user can now chat, send files and voice messages to contacts.

Features of Whatsapp Plus 2018

Visual themes

The main attraction of the modified version is its ability to change the look which can’t be done in original App. People get bored with the default theme that is present in the original app. The user can change the look of the whole app by downloading various visual themes. The themes can be downloaded from the available built-in theme market.

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Like the app, the themes are also available for free. Currently, the app provides over 700 themes for users which can be sorted by name, version, and date. The themes not only change the chat background but also the contact list, texts, and even colors of the bar. These features are not available in the original app.

Hide Last Connection/Last Seen

It also provides the user the option to hide last seen. The user can hide his/her online status with just a single click and can chat secretly with someone even while in offline mode. There is also another feature which gives the user the ability to hide the last access time, but for this feature, the user has to pay a certain monthly charge.

New Emoticons

The app has many new emoticons not present in the original app. This includes smileys from the Google hangouts. But these smileys will only be visible to those persons who have Whatsapp plus installed on their device. People not using the mod version will only see a question mark instead of the emoji.

Customizable File Sharing Options

While sending images in the original application, the file size gets reduced from the original size of the image which affects the quality. But with modified app the user can modify the size limit of the files ranging from 2 to 50 MB whereas in the original application the size of media sharing is only limited to 16 MB.

Customizable Settings And Applications

This app provides its user six menus for editing settings and appearances. It allows the user to customize the UI with widgets and colors of choice. The user interface can also be kept transparent which looks quite gentle and stylish. The user can add or hide contact photos to chats.


The Whatsapp plus is must install an app for those who want to customize the look of their default WhatsApp and want more control over sending files and notifications.

But, remember you should use this app for entertainment purpose only. If you have any personal data on your mobile then you shouldn’t use this app.


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