50 Eye-Catching WhatsApp Group Names for Friends Group

whatsapp group names for friends

In this article you will find 50 cool whatsapp group names for friends.

With more than 1 billion of users, WhatsApp is the most popular application used for messaging where trillions of messages are sent daily. One of the main reasons why people enjoy chatting over Whatsapp is the flexibility to create groups of up to 260 members.

From planning about the holiday trip to deciding what to wear in a party, sharing notes and bragging about child’s marks, people create groups for everything. Sometime Whatsapp group are just created to maintain long-lasting connection with your buddies.

Whatsapp groups are really a good source of endless amusements for friends, colleagues and cousins. But, the zest of these Whatsapp group lies in the name of the group.

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Groups in Whatsapp are created for different purposes. People create group to stay in touch with their school friends, make some secret plans or simply to pull leg of a friend over an incident. Whatever the reason may be, the group name should be the one that represent the core essence of the group. Picking a right name is also important to identify the group easily and avoid chances of faux pas of forwarding wrong pictures, texts or videos in the wrong group. The group name could be somber, cheeky, funny or naughty depending upon the purpose of the group and bond shared by the people.

Best Whatsapp Group Names For Friends

Here are some of the suggestions of Whatsapp Group Names for friends:

  1. The Backbenchers
  2. The Bomb Squad
  3. Coffee Lovers
  4. The Bunkers
  5. The Talkative Squad
  6. Chai Lovers
  7. The Avengers
  8. So Called Engineers
  9. Wondering Minds
  10. The Spartans
  11. Gossip Queens
  12. Boss-Common Enemy
  13. The Insomniacs
  14. The Wanderers
  15. The Mountain Lovers
  16. The Invincibles
  17. Play your Way
  18. Always Ready for Alcohol
  19. Play your Way
  20. Hungry for Trouble
  21. The Unlucky Squad
  22. Teens for Truth
  23. Weapons 2020
  24. Soup Dragons
  25. The Lannisters
  26. The Chamber of Secrets
  27. Pimp My Side
  28. Single Forever
  29. Vicious and Delicious
  30. The Cereal Killers
  31. Rise of the Failures
  32. Nothing to Do
  33. The Foodies
  34. The Lazy Pandas
  35. Mission Impossible
  36. 404 Error
  37. The Troublemakers
  38. Trespassers not allowed
  39. Tech Ninjas
  40. Gossip Geese
  41. Gossip Gang
  42. Secularity in Diversity
  43. The Black Squad
  44. To-Be Entrepreneurs
  45. Everlasting Bonding
  46. Buddies for Life
  47. The Parallel Space
  48. Workaholics’
  49. Useless Brains
  50. Lazy Champoins

Above-mentioned are a name of 50 suggestions that you can use as your Whatsapp group name for friends. You can pick any of the names which describe your group in the aptest manner.

Cool and funny Whatsapp group names make Whatsapp group chatting more interesting and engaging. We also have a list of Whatsapp group name for family group, group of your cousins, colleagues and even for groups which are created for business purposes. Stay tuned with us for more Whatsapp group names and other updates!


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