7 Things Happen When You Block Someone on Whatsapp?

blocked someone on whatsapp

Whatsapp is a great way to communicate with your friends and family. But, sometime you get unwanted messages from unknown person and you want to get rid of those messages. In this case, you can block that person and that’s fine.

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But, what if those messages come from your whatsapp contact whom you know very well? In this situation, you might think of blocking that person as well. But, before blocking him you should know what will happen after you block him.

What Will Happen When You Block Someone on Whatsapp

10 things will happen when you block someone.

#1: Messages & call form blocked person won’t be delivered

In case, you have blocked someone then you will not receive any message sent by him. Although, he can send messages from his end. This is because, whatsapp doesn’t notify blocked user that he has been blocked by someone else.

You also won’t receive any whatsapp call from that person.

#2: Blocked person can’t see your last seen

Last seen is a great feature of whatsapp. It shows when a user was last online on whatsapp. But when you block someone, he won’t be able to see your last seen anymore.

#3: Status message will be hidden

Status message is a great way to express your thinking but blocked contact can not see that message.

#4: Profile picture will be hidden

Your profile picture will be invisible to the blocked person.

#5: Your contact details will stay on the blocked person’s mobile

Even after blocking someone, you can not delete your phone number from his mobile. He still can contact you with another number or through calling from same number. You can block his call though.

#6: Chat details won’t be deleted

Chat history will remain unaffected on both end until you or blocked person delete them.

#7: Blocked person still can send you message

If blocked person wants then he can send you message on whatsapp. To do this he will have to create a new group and add you. Then he can send messages on that group and you will receive those message on that group.

You can leave that group or block him. But that again he can create a new group and contact you. This trick is not known by everyone though.

Now you know what will happen when you will block someone on whatsapp. Blocking and unblocking is in your hand So, before blocking anyone think twice.

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