Movierulz: Free HD Movies Download Site 2018


In this article we will discuss about movierulz: the hub of online movie piracy.

If you are a movie buff then watching movies online is something that always look up to isn’t? With a plenty of websites available over the web watching movies online isn’t a daunting task.

Well, it may be fun to just download a movie from a site you don’t know about and watch the movie and you are not aware of the fact that there is lot of piracy trending on the not so trustworthy sites.

Online piracy is certainly an issue that is overlooked by many movie buffs knowingly or unknowingly. The entire film industry is facing the piracy issue all across the globe. You may have heard about a movie got leaked prior to its release on big screens. Some people find the copy of the film available online on sites such as movierulz and many other similar sites.

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Many people neglect the piracy issue and freely search for different keywords online like movierulz Telgu, moveirulz Tamil etc. Let us just know more about movierulz.

When we talk about the piracy issues associated with sites like movierulz then the question arises why such sites are banned. Yes, a couple of authorities tried to ban such websites, but such sites again start their domain under a different name.

Different website names of Movierulz

Have a look at what domains movierulz site used to start up again


It is not that the movie industries tolerates the level of piracy and the way the movies are circulated illegally on the internet much before its release on different websites. The question is how come the movie prints get leaked and enter the online world?

How the piracy level is increasing for movies?

One of the methods discovered for circulation of piracy is to pay teens or small children to record a particular movie from cinema theaters located in small towns. There are many people involved in piracy and they pay a handsome amount to record a movie. The payment certainly depends on how well the print comes out to be. The payment increases with the quality of print.

The second method that adds fuel to the fire in piracy is involvement of high profile people who have money. Yes, you may not know how it happens when premiers or press reviews are organized and celebrities are invited to watch the movie so that they can give their feedback on the movie. This helps the producer, distributors to know how the movie would perform after its release at theaters and how far it would successful to make audience happy and gain profits.

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During such previews/premiers the guys with guts and lots of money request the studio staff to help them do their job. Of course there is a deal between the two parties. The studio staff and the guy who is directly involved in piracy. The raw print of the movie is taken in from here.

Overseas previews leading to piracy

The method is quite similar to Indian movie market. It is similar to what happens in Bollywood where the guys directly involved in piracy collaborate with theater staff to copy the movie from the hard drives and pirate the movie hours before its release in theaters.

Basically the difference in time zone is an added advantage for the movie pirates as the movie releases a couple of hours ahead of Indian standard time. So it helps the movie pirates to upload the movie on the internet much before the actual release.

Of course it helps a lot of movie lovers the opportunity to watch the movie before its release. They may not be involved in piracy directly and out of curiosity watching the movie of their superstars before its release, but they are indirectly supporting the piracy. You may be one of them, so it is always better not to watch the movie online before its release to stop piracy and to stop encouraging guys who are directly involved in promoting piracy.

Sometimes producers think they are getting a lot of popularity for their movie and can extract quick money through overseas previews, but if the pirated version of the movie is released before its actual release date and time, it directly affects the box office collection and performance.

When it comes to overseas piracy it comes out to be quite cheaper as the slot rentals are quite inexpensive. The profit gained is higher. Of course many movie lovers pay the price asked for watching the pirated version. A lot of people overseas prefer watching pirated version of movies just to save the travelling time to theatres as theatres there are not located at shorter distances.

The only thing that promotes the piracy overseas is the high margin earned through piracy.

Steps taken to avoid movie piracy do work but not 100%

Well, you must be thinking that are there are measures taken to avoid this problem. Anything that would stop the movie pirates to stop getting access to the movies before its release, well to some extent yes the steps taken to avoid this problem is WFD which is World Film Distribution.  It is basically a technology that helps many multiplexes to stream a particular movie. It means the movies is firstly uploaded on a secure server that belongs WFD and it is scattered over 3-4 separate servers.

The link of every part of the movie is provided to the multiplexes when required. The movie based on 2D, 3D is divided into 2-4 parts and then saved on different servers.

These systems are quite secure and one cannot mess with it. The worst part is that after having the secured system, it becomes necessary for the links to reach the theatres first. Yes, this is where the piracy people come into picture.

Illegal transmission of movies becomes easier for piracy

Now, movierulz site or many other such sites obtain high quality movie prints using any of the methods mentioned above. They can collaborate with hosting sites or producers too and they get easy money too.

Some legal actions was taken against such piracy websites by the police. They were asked to shut down their sites or their sites were banned. Unfortunately, when one site was shut down the people involved in piracy came out with sites under different domain name. They make simple changes to the URL so that people can recognize and access their sites again.

People choose illegal sites over legal ones like Movierulz

There are many legal sites for people to download and watch their favourite movies, still people choose illegal sites like movierulz over legal sites. Even after Google banned such sites, people still continue to visit such sites.

Also, some alternative search engines to Google display the search results for such HD movie download websites. Movierulz has links for movies in different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telgu etc.

Is it possible to stop piracy?

It is not easy to stop the piracy but there is still a ray of hope as many popular producers and actors are coming forward to take preventive measures to stop piracy and expose those who are involved in piracy.

Well, piracy is illegal and if it continues to exist it can also affect the overall entertainment. It is not difficult to avoid piracy provided we stop promoting it from our end. Yes, we can stop visiting the sites that promote piracy so that such people are not paid for the piracy and slowly when people will not get paid for piracy, they will stop practicing the illegal act.

Well, if do not go for free watching as you will be indirectly supporting piracy. Certainly increased ticket price tempt many movie lovers to head to piracy, but there are many other ways out like watching movies via Amazon and Netflix as they stream movies at cheaper rates. Still, there are many people who love free stuff. As long as people encourage sites like movierulz, there will be no end to piracy. Of course the entertainment should not be affected due to piracy and only people watching movies through such sites can help eradicate piracy.


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