Lucky Patcher Original Apk Download For Android 2018

lucky patcher original

Here you will learn how to download Lucky Patcher original Apk for android.

If you own an Android device, certainly you are addicted to it. Many gamers use their Android device to play games, use various apps etc. When it comes to gamers, they may encounter bothersome situations that may ask them for in-app purchases to level up in the game.

There are a lot of features and game resources that can be unlocked only after buying those items. Well the reason could be any but all you want is to progress in the game without buying anything.

If you feel the same you can try the excellent application known as Lucky Patcher that is compatible with android smart phones and enjoy your favourite games or applications without any disturbances. Lucky Patcher original APK is indeed the solution to all your gaming problems. There is an alternative app which is freedom app.

What is Lucky Patcher Original APK?

In short you can describe Lucky Patcher app as the best app that can fulfill the needs of gamers who play games often. The application lets you enjoy almost all the games launched for Android devices and make most of each game without spending anything. With the help of this application you can customize different applications according to your needs.

Lucky Patcher 2018 is an excellent method that helps you get rid of annoying advertisements, alter the system application, eliminate the system apps and dodge the licensed verification, change the permissions related to the app and many other things.

Certainly, Lucky Patcher app needs a rooted device but you can also carry out a number of activities without a rooted device. In order to make most of this application and have fun playing your favourite games along with all the features, you need to root the device.

Hacking is something that many Android users think about, but it is not as easy as it seems to be. Due to the steps incorporated in the entire process of hacking it becomes difficult to hack a particular game or app. On the other hand Lucky Patcher apk download helps you utilize a game or any app by following a couple of simple steps or a few steps to change the permissions of any app or game.

The tool consumes very little memory space and is available in different languages. It is completely safe on various devices. As an android user you might be interested in GBWhatsapp app with loaded features.

Features of Lucky Patcher App 2018

Gaming is a passion but not an addiction for gamers who try to play any new games. Lucky Patcher original acts as the best app for them to explore various games and get access to countless resources which otherwise needs to be purchased from in-app store for real money.

Lucky Patcher apk is an amazing tool that is updated on a regular basis so that it is compatible with different android devices.

Surely, we will help you read through some of the best features of this app.

Give you easy access to fetch endless game resources

With Lucky Patcher download unlocking endless game resources is easy and you can fetch gems, coins, keys etc without any hassles. You can access any level you want in the game and also utilize any of the in-game characters like car, weapon etc by changing the app via LuckyPatcher.

Eliminates Advertisements

Unwanted advertisements that pop in between the games certainly irritate all of us while we are completely into the game or app. Some ads also stop the game play all of a sudden which is further more annoying. Now you can gain control of eliminating these annoying ads through Lucky Patcher apk download. With a couple of clicks you can get rid of unwanted ads that mess up with your gaming experience.

Can transform any application into system application

Sometimes you like a particular app that you may not want to remove from your system. In such cases LuckyPatcher helps you transform your favourite app into system app. The tools help you copy a particular app on the system’s folder for it to get transformed like a pre-installed application.

It allows you to avail all paid apps at no cost

Many of us download some of the paid apps assuming it’s free. When we try to launch those apps we come across the license verification problem. Now you won’t come across such issues as Lucky Patcher app is there for you.

It features custom patches that delude the process of license verification for almost all the apps. Thus it becomes easy for you to have fun using even paid apps without spending a single penny.

It assists to transfer the apps to device’s memory card

If your Smartphone has no space left in its internal memory, then you can vacant some memory space by shifting the apps to device’s memory card. LuckyPatcher allows you to accomplish this task easily.

Backup your important files with Lucky Patcher App

LuckyPatcher lets you backup all you’re important files using the feature – take backup. The feature preserves the backup in an external file. You can also import the file to the PC/Cloud. You can easily retrieve data in future from the location where it was saved earlier.

How to install Lucky Patcher APK File?

This is an amazing tool that helps you dodge the license verification of in-app purchases and eliminates advertisements. Remember, you cannot download it from Google Play Store and is only available through apk file found on the internet sources. Do not worry as the process of download and installation is super easy. Let us learn how to go about it

  • Download Lucky Patcher apk original file from the official website here.
  • After you download the apk file you need to make certain changes in the settings of your device.
  • Go to – Settings
  • Find Lock screen- security option
  • Click on – security option
  • Search for the option – unknown resources
  • Swipe it to the right in order to enable the process of installation.
  • Now you can see the apk file for LuckyPatcher – Open the file to install it. You can check the list of downloads to find the apk file.
  • Once you find the apk file for LuckyPatcher open the file and click- Install and installation will begin.
  • Now a pop up will flash showing a warning – Blocked by Play Protect. You don’t have worry about this issue.
  • Now the option saying- Install anyway will appear. Simply click on the button.
  • Wait for some time till the installation process is over. After the process gets over you will see a message saying App installed which means you can now start using the app and have fun playing your favourite games and get access to the premium features in apps.

How to do in-app purchase using Lucky Patcher App?

With Lucky Patcher apk download the process of bypassing the in-app purchases becomes quite easier. You can follow the simple steps to go ahead and enjoy using in-app purchases

  • In your rooted device you can open – Lucky Patcher 2018 and then move to the toolbox. You can find toolbox option right at the bottom of your screen. Once you get the toolbox menu you will see the option – patch to android.
  • Tap the option – patch to android
  • Now click on all of the patches being displayed on the device screen. Now wait patiently to let your device to get rebooted.
  • You can close LuckyPatcher now and let it run on the back end. Now switch to the app/game that you want to avail.
  • Browse – shopping menu. Select the in-app purchase that you need and simply tap on it.
  • Now click- Buy button
  • After tapping the buy button you can see the window of LuckyPatcher where you will get the message like “Do you want to get this item for free”
  • Now click- Yes to avail free purchase.


Is Lucky Patcher apk file safe to use?

Ans. As there are over 20 millions of users who have tried and used this app. There are no complaints from them regarding any of the damage/threats to their devices, you can rely on LuckyPatcher. It is 100% safe to use.

How the LuckyPatcher apk works?

Ans. Lucky-Patcher substitutes the original code with an altered code and in many cases it also erases the original code fully to attain necessary features.

Does this app support all apps/games?

Ans. Well, LuckyPatcher supports a lot of apps as well as games but it is still not easy to make it gel with all the apps/games available in the market as each and every game/apps has different framework. They use different methods to secure their apps/games to avoid certain modifications to their system. On the other hand you need to be just lucky to be successful using Lucky Patcher download with your favourite games/apps.

Google Chrome displays the message like “This file can be harmful”,  is it a virus?

Ans. It is obvious message that Google shows up for every single apk file. You can simply overlook this message.

Is LuckyPatcher compatible with IOS devices?

Ans. At present LuckyPatcher only supports Android devices.

What is the reason for Lucky-Patcher running slowly or often hang?

Ans. It can  be because of two things that are

  • Either the device used is quite old
  • The device uses Android Gingerbread.

In such cases you can simply go for an upgrade.

Why the app has so many updates?

Ans. The patches created for different games/app are prone to regular updates. As the patches can be outdated if not updated regularly we need to keep updating them often.

Final Words

You will find a plenty of exciting games being launched in the market on a daily basis. Most of these interesting games involve in-app purchases which makes it difficult for crazy gamers to enjoy these games on their Android devices for free. The gamers certainly wouldn’t want to spend their money on those in-app purchases just to have a better gaming experience. In such cases Lucky Patcher download acts as the best tool that provides the gamers the enhanced gaming experience without shelling out a penny from their wallet.

Lucky Patcher original apk has taken gaming experience to a next level and also it is a relief for frequent gamers to save money. Visit our homepage for more apps like this.


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