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Freedom APK is a must have app for all android users. It allows anyone to use premium features of any android app free of cost. If you don’t know anything about freedom app then today you will learn everything about it.

We all know that android games are created in such a way that at some point you will be required to buy coins, gems, cash etc. If you don’t buy them then, it will be very hard for you to move further in the game. In this situation, Freedom apk will be very useful for you.

Sometime you need to buy some premium features to use the app. In this case, this app can be used.

This android application is able to bypass in-app purchases in google play store and can give you what you want. This is an amazing app but you won’t find it on google play. Why? because, this kind of app isn’t allowed on google play store.

So, where can you download freedom apk latest version 2018? Don’t worry! we will give you a link to download this file. After downloading it you can use it instantly on your android device. Keep reading this article to find out the download link.

What is Latest Freedom APK and How It Works?

Are you hearing first time about freedom apk file? It is an android application which is designed to provide paid features for free. Didn’t you understand? Let me clear it, when you need to make any in-app purchase then using this app you can bypass it. You no need to spend real money. This app will buy you that item for free.

Latest Freedom apk uses its own free virtual credit card. That is why, it is so popular app internationally. When you click buy button in the app store then this app fills all the details including virtual credit card and complete purchase for you. This app actually do not pay to buy you something. It just makes google play believe that real transaction has happened.

Note: If you have already added your credit card details to google play account then remove it before using this app. Otherwise, you may end up spending your own money.

You need to root your android device if you want to use this app. This app won’t be able to create virtual credit card if you do not root your device.

Best Features of Latest Freedom App 2018

If you have android phone then freedom app is a must have app for you. It now supports lollipop and marshmallow devices. Over the time, this app has been improved a lot. See all the features of this app below.

  1. One can get free game currencies like coins, gems, cash, diamonds, etc. But remember this app does not support all games.
  2. It is able to bypass in-app purchases in many apps and games.
  3. This app supports every rooted android device which has android version 2.3 or above.
  4. This app only requires 500 mb ram and minimum 100 mb internal storage to run.
  5. It’s updated frequently so that, it supports more and more apps.
  6. It is able to remove ads from your installed apps which support it.

Hope, now you have got the idea of this amazing freedom apk file. Let’s see some other details like how to download, install and use this app like a pro.

How To Download Freedom Apk File

When it comes to download anything from internet then we think about virus first and become scared. But don’t worry! here we will give you mediafire download link which is a trusted source for downloading. All you have to is just click the button below and you will be forwarded to mediafire. There you can see download link. Just click on the button and freedom apk file will be downloaded to your mobile.

You can not download this app from googleplay or any other popular download sites. That is why we are giving you mediafire download link. Hope it helps.

How To Install Freedom Apk Latest Version In Your Android Device

It’s very easy to install this app on your android phone. It’s very small in size so, it will be downloaded easily. Follow the steps to install this amazing freedom apk file.

  1. If you are installing an android app from other source then you have to enable unknown sources option in your mobile settings. If you don’t know how to enable it then here is a guide on how to enable unknown sources option in mobile.
  2. Now, download apk file on your mobile. If you are on your computer then please visit this page on mobile. You can download it on your computer too. But. again you have to move that file to your mobile via usb cable. So, it’s better to download on mobile.
  3. After downloading it open your download folder. If you can’t see download folder then install file manager app on your mobile.
  4. Open freedom apk file and click on install button. That’s it. Your app will be installed in no time and you can use it instantly.

Fix Connection Error in Play Store After Installing Freedom app

You might face an issue after installing this freedom app on your android device. Your google play store might show no connection error. Don’t worry! you can solve it easily. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Stop your freedom application first. To do this go to freedom menu and click stop button. Then go to settings > application manager > Google play store and clear data. After clearing data open play store. If problem still occurs then follow step 2.

Step 2: Install ES file manager to access root folders on your smart phone. Go to root directory and open system folder, then etc folder and find host file. Tap to edit that host file and paste the code there and save. Code is localhost

Now reboot your smart phone and open goolge play store. Internet connection should work now. We hope you have learned everything about this awesome application. If you really enjoyed this article then please share this with your friends on social media.


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