2 Facebook Comment Secrets You Should Know

facebook comment features
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We all make comments on Facebook posts but most of us don’t know all features of Facebook comment. More often we see certain words in comments appear in a different style. If you tap on any comment which is in different color then you will see some animation on your screen.

In this post we will discuss about the above facebook feature that you should know. You may like: Who viewed my facebook profile.

#1 Colorful Texts and Animation

You might have noticed some colorful comments recently. Do you know why those comments are colorful? Those are special texts. Just tap on them and you will see magic. The feature is similar to Facebook messenger where if you send a heart or balloon, it triggers animations. But on facebook you have to send special supported texts instead of emojis.

facebook comment feature
Credit: Guidingtech

If you type “congrats” in the comment section then you will see balloons like above image. Here is the list of some of the Facebook special texts.

  • Best Wishes
  • Congrats
  • You’re the best
  • Xo or XOXO
  • Wonderful time

Just type these texts in the facebook comment section to see how it works. Hope you will enjoy it. Remember, you have to tap on the text after making a comment.

#2 Remove Animation

Text effect animation is a great feature of Facebook comment. But if you don’t like it then you can remove it easily.

remove text animation
Credit: Guidingtech

All you have to do is type the text in the comment and post it. Then long press on your posted comment and you will see a pop up box with few options. Just click “remove text effects” option from the list and your comment will be like other normal comments.

Now, If you find any comment on your post with special text then tap on it and feel it.

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