Best Clash Royale Strategy Guide With Tips & Tricks 2018

clash royale strategy

If you have recently installed Clash Royale and you are seeking help with it, this article will provide you with the perfect Clash Royale strategies, tips and guidelines that you need in order to excel.

It also shows you the recommended decks which will help you become a pro player in no time. This article provides a complete overview for the beginners as well as the advanced players so that they can attain expertise in the game. The game is going to be more fun if you follow these steps.

Starting From The Scratch

The key to skilled expertise in the match is to create a mix of all the units that will have a balance. You may think that it will be a potent attack if you spend a great deal of elixir and create some strong unit.You might like: Coin Master mod apk – should you download it?

Instead, it will be very beneficial if one decides to include some weak units too that can be regenerated easily. These apply to the beginners as well as those who are experienced in the game. These strategies will simply enhance your interest in the game and give vent to a large number of opportunities of steady progress.

Commonly used Clash Royale strategy and tips 2018

Have a look at the clash royale strategy that you need to keep in mind. If you follow these tips and tricks then you will become a good player.

  1. The first and foremost tip that you need to keep in mind is- DO NOT HURRY! Many people tend to get panic-stricken when they see that they are losing to their opponents. This will not do any good. Rather it will increase your risk of losing. If you see that you have only one minute left and the defense of the opponent is strong enough to overcome your attacks, and then save the units. You can use them in the next attack.
  2. Some of the players have claimed that the combination of a freeze spell and a hog rider is very deadly and can do a great deal of damage. A prince can also be used in place of a hog rider. Prince is a versatile unit, and it comes very handily when you find yourself stuck in a defensive jam towards the end of the match.
  3. YOU HAVE TO BE PROACTIVE. A player who doesn’t react quickly enough to the actions and the attacks of the opponents and tends to send some mere units to the field simply can never excel in the match.
  4. It is advisable not to start unless the elixir meter shows 10, i.e., full. It is only after that one can play the cards.
  5. All the ranged troops need to be shielded with powerful and robust combat units. For example, a combat unit has to be sent before the giant as well as behind the bomber.

Top strategies and guide to keep in mind

  1. Make sure that you win. Once the enemy tower is destroyed, this immediately enhances the chances of winning. The player can then pay attention to the attacks of the enemy very well. This holds very true and beneficial to the skilled players who have been playing for many days now.
  2. The towers can serve as great defense units against the opponents. Just in case, some of the weak goblin’s attacks from the goblin hunt, one doesn’t need to deploy one fighter for the sake of defense. Even though the tower may undergo a little bit of damage, it will be able to withstand the blow.
  3. Do not always attack with units that are expensive. Also, units that are very cheap should be avoided. You have to maintain a balance. Choose the units which will be fast and can perform effectively against that air unit and every other form of defense.
  4. The cards that you choose should be in accordance with the preferences of your fighting. If you want to attack aggressively then you have to go for the units which can move around easily and quickly. If you want to opt for defensive tactics, then go to the units which are robust and can withstand a great deal of damage with great ease. Choose your units wisely.
  5. One has to know the averages of the elixir well so that one can easily figure out the time that is supposed to be taken in order to get down the cards. The lower time it takes, the better will be the performance.
  6. Battle taunts should also be used wisely. Get into the head of your opponent with the chat bubble which is present towards the bottom of the screen. Say “Oops” if you tried to do anything else and also cry and say “Good game” if there’s an end to the match with an opening closed.
  7. If you want to excel in the game, then you have to know that apart from the sophisticated tactics, it is also important to have a good deck.
  8. There are lots of things to organize and unlock in the game. However, this doesn’t sound too much overwhelming. After spending some time training themselves, the newcomers too will get very well acquainted with a tactical and strategic fighting skill.

Additional Information

The game has some chests and gems. These chests can only be opened after a denoted period of wait. However, if you are too impatient to wait then these chests can be opened using gems.

There are few gems which can be unlocked every time one manages to make a new achievement. For instance, if anyone watches one match on the TV Royale then he can unlock up to five gems.

It is essential to keep track of time which will be needed to open the chests so that the bigger chests may be times for the time when one might be busy regarding something else. People belonging to a clan can collect the Clan Chests during the time when a season starts. Also, one should never be lured by the promises of free gems.

Players should take a note that there aren’t any cheats in the game and therefore if they ever come across any such promise of gems for free, one should abstain himself from falling into the trap. It might be a scam which will cause thieves to hack into your account.


If you follow this guide then you might become a good player in this game. Hope you enjoyed the clash royale tips and strategy guide. If you know any tips and tricks about this game then please comment below.


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