How To Get Free Chegg Account – 7 Day trial (2018)

chegg free trial account

Thinking about a free chegg account, but no idea how to get a free chegg trial account? Well, it is easy and the article will demonstrate on how to get one. But before we proceed to the details on how to get chegg free account and provide more information about this account let us learn what exactly is Chegg? As many of you may not be aware about it.

What is Chegg account?

Well, Chegg offers a series of online academic services for learners. You will not just get help on learning academics but it has also introduced course reviews, homework help online and personal tutoring online. Isn’t amazing? As a student or a parent you may need help on academics and it is so convenient to get help online.

Who can get Chegg free account?

As a new student if you are willing to get help on academics you can get a free Chegg account with free minutes on online tutoring for a week. You would definitely like to get help from tutors associated with this site. Still, if you think you are not happy with the tutoring, you can cancel the membership anytime you want.

Validity of free Chegg account

Free Chegg account is valid for 7 days and once the free trial period is over you are asked to cancel the free trial or pay to continue.

How can you get a free Chegg account?

Well, with a number of positive responses from people who used Chegg for learning you may want to get a free Chegg account soon. It is easy to open a free account and avail free online tutoring sessions for 7 days.

You can get a free Chegg account via UF Apps to connect to this site from any device, location anytime or by clicking here –

More about Chegg account

Chegg is based in America and it is basically a textbook rental organization online. It helps students studying in colleges and schools to get online help in academics. They offer learning sessions for students who need homework help, help to crack scholarship exams, doing internship etc.

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It has introduced simple and genuine way of online teaching wherein you get to learn through simple process. It is very easy to join this site and you would love reaching a site that imparts true knowledge.

How it works?

The best part about this online tutoring concept is that the help is available 24X7. You can simply enter your question or a keyword in the given search box to get the answers to your question. Of course your answers are given by teachers who are experts in respective subjects.

You can also hire tutors on this platform and seek help any time during the day or night. You have the option of selecting from around 7000 tutors on this platform out of which 1600 tutors are available to help you even at midnight hours.

What does Chegg subscription offers?

Once you become a member you are given access to around 9000 books from where you can get solutions to your problems. You can also ask for expert’s help on any question 24X7 at any time.

Chegg has wonderful and huge database that consists of millions of answers to homework questions. The homework answers are certainly the vital part of online tutoring that most students search for on a daily basis.

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Many parents and students are happy to join here as getting answers to the academic answers online from subject experts is something interesting and helpful.

How much Chegg subscription costs?

Once you sign in for a new account, you get a free trial account which is valid for 7 days. After the trial period is over and you want to opt for Chegg membership then you need to pay some charges that vary. Here is are the membership plans you can choose from

  • $14.95 for one month subscription
  • $74.95 for one year subscription
  • You can also rent books or study material that would reduce the cost to nearly 10 times than the actual costs. For example, if a book that you need costs $100, with Chegg you can just rent it for $10. So you are saving a lot of money.
  • You will have to pay 7cents/minute for consulting a tutor for help about the course etc.

Chegg’s cancellation policy

Do not worry as it comes with an amazing cancellation policy. You are free to cancel your free Chegg account (trial) online any time you wish to. If you are not willing to pay, you can simply enjoy free trial for 7 days.

Also, if you placed order with this website that exceed the amount of $85 you will get free shipping.

FAQs on free Chegg trial account

If you have any questions in mind regarding Chegg free trial account, the FAQ section will solve your queries.

Q1. How can I get a Chegg trial account without using credit card?

Ans. You can visit the link to attain free credit card or generate one for yourself. You will see the card details here from where you can attain MasterCard & AMEX, Visa card etc. Now use this card to sign up with any website you want.

Now you can use this credit card to create a free trial account with Chegg.

Q2.  What do you mean by Chegg free trial?

Ans. Basically all students who visit this site for the first time get Chegg free trial for a week. Here they can try to interact with online tutors. You can also sign up for your free chegg account by following this link –

Q3. Is every student entitled to get free account?

Ans. Yes, all new students receive a free Chegg trial account. All the new students get free time of half an hour for a week so that they get a fair idea on how the online tutoring works by interacting with tutors. The free account is valid for half an hour for 7 days only.

Q4. Can I use multiple accounts to sign up for more accounts?

Ans. Well, the each person gets one free trial. If you are using multiple accounts to get more free trials then the free trial duration will be eliminated for added accounts and you can be billed for the online help session.

Q5. What if I extend the time limit of free minutes during the first 7 days?

Ans. If you exceed free minutes time limit within first week you will be automatically billed at an average rate based on the subscription plan.

Q6. I was billed even while using my Chegg free account?

Ans. According to the free account rules, you get 30 minutes free time during the first week. In case your usage exceeds the limit then you are billed for those extra minutes.

Q7. Is it possible to cancel my free trial before I am billed?

Ans. You can cancel free account anytime during the first 7 days. In case you cancel the account within 7 days without going beyond free allocated minutes then you will not be charged anything

To cancel your subscription you can follow the link –

Q8. Can I just try one lesson on Chegg as I don’t need a subscription?

Ans. Well, to connect with tutors you need to subscribe for a plan and it is the only method to start your free trial. Certainly, you are allowed to cancel your subscription without getting charged. Yes, you can cancel your subscription after trying one lesson and if you cancel it during the first week your account will not be charged with any subscription fees.

Q9. Is tutoring a part of Chegg Study membership?

Ans. No, tutoring is not part of Chegg Study membership

Features of free Chegg applications

The Chegg mobile app is charged with a lot of features to help you get live academic help online. Here is what the app is loaded with

  • Textbook rental
  • 1 Chegg free trial lasts for 30 free minutes that helps you experience face to face online tutoring
  • Get access to loads of textbook answers
  • Get access to Etextbooks

Coupons that can help you attain Chegg free trial

Get 4-week trial absolutely free on Chegg Study

You can try 4 week trial at no charge and seek help from experts to get answers on your assignments. In order to avail this offer you need set up a free trial account. After free trial period is over you will be charge $14.95 per month.

Online tutoring of 30 minutes absolutely free

You will get 30 minutes of free online tutoring live within first 7 days of Chegg free trial account.

Instant access to different textbooks absolutely free for 7 days

If you need any of your textbook you can access it online through instant access to popular titles of textbooks absolutely free for 7 days. You can continue to read your textbook online till the time you get your book shipped to your location.

Incredible Weekly scholarship of $2000 offered by Chegg

You can just click the college link and discover the different scholarship options that would be available for you. You can also set reminders to get notified about the deadlines of scholarships.

This is how Chegg account helps you do well in your academics. Now you will have solutions to your problems at your fingertips and experts will help you finish your assignments.


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